Is my deposit refundable?

Yes, until you place your formal order (once specifications and options have been announced), you will be able to apply for a refund. There will be no deductions for administration fees or the like by TVR, although there may be charges/deductions by bank or credit card companies. All we ask is that if you place a deposit, you do so in good faith.

Is my money at risk?

No – we would never allow that to be the case. We are well funded, and are here to stay! The deposit line has opened in response to a large number of requests from potential customers wishing to place a deposit on the basis of the information currently available both in the motoring press and on our website. If you do not consider this to be sufficient for you to decide whether or not you should place a deposit, we recommend you do not do so. However, if you pay by credit card, your payment is guaranteed by the credit card company.

What is the Launch Edition?

The Launch Edition, or LE (no prizes!), is a limited run with extra specification and special features at a discounted price against the usual list price for that specification, to celebrate the marque’s return to production in its 70th birthday year. The Launch Edition is now fully allocated.

There is no formal specification or price list yet – how can I be sure I want one?

If you don’t agree that the new car is a giant slayer, a TVR in every way, and incredible value for money, and you decide you don’t want to proceed with a formal order, we’ll give you your money back – no problem.

I’d Like to place a deposit on a convertible – can I do that now?

We are not yet taking deposits for convertible cars.

Will there be a LHD drive version at launch?


Will the launch car meet legislation in my country?

The first car will initially be manufactured to EC SSTA (EU Small Series Type Approval) specifications and as such will be available in all EU countries and be available in right or left-hand drive versions.

In due course we will manufacture to further international standards. However, the launch model will need to be purchased in the EU and you will need to arrange for it to be individually exported and undertake whatever local type approvals are required to register the car locally yourself.

We are happy for you to place a deposit on a car in order to secure a place in the queue now while you investigate this further, and should you discover that you would be unable to import the car then we will happily refund the deposit.

How will I know what my position in the queue is?

We will not be announcing specific positions at this stage, but broadly speaking, your position is determined at the time we receive cleared funds for your deposit. However, as credit card companies, banks and cheques can take varying times to clear funds, there may be a discrepancy between when you authorise your payment and when we actually receive the funds.

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