Owners seeking the very best care for their cherished TVR will rightly want honest, reliable garage services provided by experts fitting TVR Genuine Parts. Those yet to discover the joys of ownership, but who are now considering buying an appreciating TVR classic, might wonder where to go for sound buying advice. And racers and performance enthusiasts may also seek specialist guidance before upgrading their beloved cars for even more sportiness and exhilaration.

No matter what your area of interest in TVR, there is now a fully authorised network in place to help you find the expertise and resources you’re looking for.


Here you’ll find friendly businesses that know and love TVRs. Staffed by experts who in many cases have enjoyed a lifetime’s involvement with the marque, there’s simply no better place to go for buying advice, scheduled service, maintenance and repair. Members of the TVR Heritage Network offer a multitude of services, including:

Car sales – If you’re looking to buy or sell a classic TVR of any age, start here. Retailers in our Network know their TVRs and know the market. For an honest assessment and an inside track on prices and values there’s a distinct advantage in talking to these guys first.

Parts – If you’re looking for a particular part for your beloved TVR you’ll want to know that what you’re offered is, whenever possible, an authentic TVR part or a part re-manufactured to original specifications (or better). Members of our Heritage Network will always recommend parts supplied by TVR Parts Ltd., the sole distributor of TVR Genuine Parts.

Servicing and MOT – All our Network members are committed to offering great value and many offer fixed price service tariffs. They will also be happy to arrange for your car to be MOT tested, sometimes on the same premises.

Maintenance – Let’s be honest, classic TVRs do have their idiosyncrasies (some say ‘personality’!). The SpeedSix and AJP V8 engines, for example, rightly enjoy a huge fan base, but need looking after by experts in what they’re doing. The same applies to many other aspects of the older cars (chassis, wiring, switches etc.). Good to know, then, that members of the TVR Heritage Network have all the required expertise to maintain your car properly.

Diagnostics – Again, if you’re looking to troubleshoot a problem, you’ll want to take your car to somewhere staffed by technicians who really know their TVRs and have access to the equipment and knowledge base necessary to give you the very best opinions and advice. Our members do.

Accident Repair – From a light paintwork touch up through to fibreglass work or even replacement of a bent chassis… many of our members can make your damaged car look as good as new and some offer insurer-approved accident repair services. Try the search facility to find one in your area.

Restoration – As the values of TVRs continue to rise it’s no wonder so many owners are choosing to invest in full or partial restorations. Perhaps a re-trim, or maybe the outriggers need replacing? If you’re considering the same for your car, you’ll doubtless be encouraged by the fact that our Heritage Network restoration specialists can draw on unrivalled knowledge and will always use TVR Genuine Parts wherever possible, to bring your beauty back to its original best.


This is the network for specialist workshops staffed with engineers and technicians dedicated to optimising the sporting performance of your TVR. From power upgrades to track set-up, these businesses are happy to take your TVR to the max. Each TVR Performance Network member has its own set of specialist skills typically including one or more of the following disciplines:

Set-up & Handling – Fancy altering the ride characteristics of your TVR? Maybe a racier setup to keep your car firmly planted round the turns of your favourite circuit? Of course, not all models will be improved by the same modifications, so how do you specify which changes to make? Many of our Performance Network members can advise you on just what your particular TVR will benefit from the most.

Engine Tuning – Wondering what a ‘Red Rose’ was and if you can have it on your car? Or maybe wondering what today’s alternatives are? Heard rumours about the benefits of re-mapping the engine management system or fitting a new ECU? All these questions and more can be answered by members of the TVR Performance Network, many of whom can then carry out the work you decide upon.

Engine Modifications & Rebuild – Many TVR owners want more than just an ‘engine tweak’ – they want a radical alternative power solution. For some, that means a complete engine rebuild to a higher capacity version of what’s already in their car. For others, it may mean dropping an LS3 or other Chevy block into their engine bay. If you’re power curious, search the TVR Performance Network for businesses who share your passion for performance and have the skills to match your aspirations.

Exhaust Tuning/Replacement – It’s not just about the noise. Well, maybe sometimes, but then all TVRs have always sounded great. It’s what else a great exhaust system can deliver that’s worth considering. More power, different shaped power curves, or both? Then there are aftermarket options that offer a very different look for the rear view of your car. Some owners even want their cars to be quieter, and this too can be achieved.

Race Preparation – Of course much if not all of the work detailed above goes into thorough race and track day car preparation, but there is still further comfort to be had from taking your own performance favourite to one of our Network members specialising in race preparation. They can offer you everything you need, from fitting roll cages to advice on fuel tanks.

Bespoke Styling – TVRs have always attracted stares; many envious, some incredulous, most admiring. Yet there are some for whom the existing lines and curves are merely inspiration for further development, a canvas not yet completed. Whether you want someone to make a targa out of your coupé, adapt its rear to accept new light units, re-work the dashboard to take a sat-nav or simply change the colour of its interior trim, there are members of the TVR Performance Network that can help you realise your design dreams.

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