Griffith caught smoking at Beaulieu

No smoke without fire? - Well there was at Beaulieu where the prototype Griffith laid down the rubber, without any fire or flame..

It was all hell and fury at the Beaulieu Supercar weekend where the new Griffith laid down the law, well rubber at least, as it got to air its lungs on both days.

Image of the new Griffith smoking rear tyres on acceleration

The weekend saw some 800+ high performance sports and supercars gather for both static club displays and also the hugely popular demonstration runs by a selected few. These comprised a short blast from standstill, followed by a stop at the crossroads on the picturesque tree-lined Chestnut Avenue, not a track! (as drivers were repeatedly reminded during pre-run briefings) and then another short blast plus return. Only a few hundred metres each way but a very popular spectacle for the crowds.

Image of rear of new Griffith queueing for demo run

Les 'Leadfoot' Edgar gave it the beans on Saturday and our very own Matthew 'Stig' Truelove had the pleasure on Sunday. Both ably demonstrating the fun that a driver-focussed, manual, devoid of electronic trickery, supercar can provide. Some short video clips from the weekend can be viewed by clicking the links below and more lively on-track professionally produced action from another circuit location will follow soon.

Click to view Les 'Leadfoot' Edgar - Click to view Matthew 'Stig' Truelove  

We were delighted to share the weekend with the TVR Car Club, who yet again provided a fantastic line-up of earlier model TVRs; we'd like to thank all involved with the weekend's activities, and for providing such spectacular performances on the track, sorry road!...

Image of TVR Car Club area fronted by 2 Sagaris & 2 Griffith

Image of some of the TVRs attending the event

Image of new Griffith and a Tuscan queueing before demo runs



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