TVR Announces location of its first brand centre - Thruxton Circuit


TVR, the renowned sports car manufacturer, is proud to announce that it has chosen Thruxton Race Circuit and Aerodrome as the location for a new European Development and Brand Centre. The decision seals TVR's strategic vision for expansion and innovation.

Thruxton, the UK's fastest track and boasting a rich heritage in motorsports, emerged as the ideal location for TVR's base, replacing its current facilities in Surrey. The unique setting provides an unparalleled backdrop for the development and launch of TVR's new range of sports cars.

After an extensive and thorough search for a suitable location, Thruxton stood out for meeting key criteria essential to TVR's growth strategy. The selection was not only driven by the location's proximity to the UK's fastest track, but also by its historical significance in motorsports.

TVR's decision to establish itself at Thruxton signifies a long-term commitment to the site, although specific details will not be disclosed at this time. The company is eager to leverage Thruxton's facilities for testing and refining its cutting- edge sports cars, ensuring they meet the highest standards of performance and quality.

One of the pivotal factors influencing TVR's decision was the local skilled employment demographic. Thruxton's surrounding community offers a pool of talent with expertise relevant to TVR's operations, contributing to the company's mission to deliver excellence in every aspect of its business.

This move aligns perfectly with TVR's criteria for expansion, access to top-notch test facilities, and an exceptional customer experience. TVR looks forward to a prosperous future at Thruxton, where innovation and tradition intersect on the road to crafting the next generation of iconic sports cars.

Les Edgar, Chairman of TVR says “When looking for a brand centre that would be fitting for both the history of the TVR brand and the attributes of our new range of sports cars, we could not have imagined that the perfect venue was almost on our doorstep. Thruxton motor circuit - formed a few years after the founding of TVR - has the history, the excitement and the future potential to be an exceptional venue for all motorsport activities and we are delighted to be an integral part of this journey. Having considered a number of potential sites, Thruxton offered everything needed for future expansion, test facilities and customer experience – straight out of the box”

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